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Jan 11

BizTalk EDI Functional Acknowledgement Reporting and Monitoring in BizTalk360

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the most commonly used messaging protocol in B2B data exchange BizTalk has native support for EDI’s primary standards

By Srinivasa Mahendrakar

Nov 18

Proactive MLLP Connection in BizTalk Receive Location

The Minimal Lower Layer Protocol (MLLP) adapter, which is part of HL7 Accelerator for BizTalk(BTAHL7), enables the BizTalk Server to receive or send HL7-based

By Srinivasa Mahendrakar

Oct 24

BizTalk developers transitioning to the cloud – terms to learn and understand

The evolution happening in the Integration space can be overwhelming for a BizTalk consultant who so far has been focusing on delivering robust on-premise

By Srinivasa Mahendrakar

Aug 9

Data Monitoring of BizTalk HL7 MLLP Ports

Having experience of working on large BizTalk implementations in healthcare, the one thing I realized is that monitoring of the data flows in receive ports and

By Srinivasa Mahendrakar

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