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Introducing BizTalk360 Version 8.2 – Advanced Tracking Manager and performance improvements

"There's an ICEBERG!!!! Right ahead!!". Well this iceberg is not the one that you should fear of (something like the one that sunk the mighty Titanic), but the one you should consider to get on board. What you see is just the tip of the iceberg, and Read Article

Introducing Advanced Tracking Manager for BizTalk Administrators

In a middleware product like BizTalk Server, tracking is one of the key capabilities you get out of the box. By the time the message comes in and goes out of a BizTalk environment, it will get transformed into various forms. All the different Read Article

Monitoring expiring certificates with BizTalk360

In many situations the communication between BizTalk and web services is protected by using certificates. These certificates have a limited validity and if a certificate has expired, you won’t be able to communicate with the web services until the Read Article

BizTalk360 Recruitment Drive @ VIT University – Our Experience

BizTalk360 (as a company) is now little over 5 years. Over the last ~36 months, the company has taken shape in terms of the products on offer as well as on the people hiring side of things. We have been slow but steady in recruiting the right Read Article

INTEGRATION DAY Bangalore – Event Recap…

This blog is the second part of our experience organizing and executing the Integration Day Bangalore event. Read the first part of our roller coaster experience during the pre-event preparations here. Integration Day Bangalore event - September Read Article

INTEGRATION DAY Bangalore – Pre-event Recap…

BizTalk360 organized the first ever Integration focused event in India on September 10, 2016. Integration Day Bangalore was a one day event at Microsoft GTSC, Bengaluru focusing on integration technologies like Azure, Logic Apps, Service Bus, Event Read Article

Introducing BizTalk360 Version 8.1 – (Logic Apps, API Apps, Service Bus, MSMQ, New Relic)

Back in Feb 2016, we released our major overhauled version “BizTalk360 v8.0” with the introduction of “One Platform”, a single platform for Operations, Monitoring and Analytics of Microsoft BizTalk Server.  The major investment we made in Read Article

Monitoring SQL Jobs using BizTalk360 Custom Widgets

In the BizTalk360 8.0 release, a new feature dashboard was introduced. Dashboard integration is a useful capability to show the important activities in a single view. It can be utilized in the Operations and Analytic's sections. Team Read Article

BizTalk360 Walk In – A Talent Search

Perception When I joined BizTalk360 5 months ago, I was very confident and under the assumption that recruitment is just piece of cake (because I have been doing that for past few years in my previous organization). When Saravana Kumar told me that Read Article

Introduction to the Custom Notification Channel SDK in BizTalk360 version 8.0

One of the major capabilities of BizTalk360 is to monitor your BizTalk environment and notify you whenever there is some kind of an issue (e.g. a receive location is down, host instance has stopped, no messages received on a port, etc). In the Read Article

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