Automating BizTalk Administration Tasks using BizTalk360: Auto Healing

Introduction BizTalk server state based artifacts such as receive location, send port, orchestration may go down due to various reasons. This could stop a business critical interfaces from processing messages. Monitoring the artifact states is a tedious task for both operational and administrative users. The operational users must monitor the state of artifacts constantly if… Read More »

Automating BizTalk Administration tasks using BizTalk360 : Data Monitoring Actions

Introduction On a day to day basis, a BizTalk administrator must perform few monotonous activities such as terminating instances, enabling receive locations, ensuring the status of SQL jobs etc. BizTalk360 has few powerful features which help you to automate such monotonous tasks. These features are hidden gems and are overlooked by many BizTalk360’s users, despite… Read More »

Why did we build Auto Healing capability in BizTalk Server Monitoring?

This blog is a part of the series of blog articles we are publishing on the topic “Why we built XYZ feature in BizTalk360”. Read the main article here. Why do we need this feature? Imagine the following scenario. It’s Monday morning, you arrive at the office and you do some extra health checks on your… Read More »

September 2018

IntegrationNewsletter September 2018   Webinars and Video logs Events Blog posts Resources Welcome to the Integration newsletter! Hi there! This newsletter is already the third edition of the Integration Newsletter! It is September, and in many regions, this is the beginning of a few busy months at work. In the Microsoft Integration space, however, it… Read More »

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