Thinking outside the box (or not): How to create “Global C# function” to be reused inside a map?

The Scripting functoid enables you to use Inline Custom Script (C# .NET, JScript .NET, Visual Basic .NET, Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) or XSLT Call Template) or call code from an external assembly at run time to perform operation otherwise not available through built-in Functoids. For example, using Scripting functoid with Inline C# is convenient… Read More »

Thinking outside the box (or not): How to properly call a SQL stored procedure without any input parameters?

First of all, let me say thanks to Saravana for inviting me to be a guest blogger in BizTalk360 blog. I hope this will be the first of many… and why not start creating a series call “Thinking outside the box (or not)” where I will address some common scenarios, requirements, operations, features and so… Read More »

BizTalk Server Tips and Tricks: Enabling BAM Add-In for Excel 2016

I have been writing a blog post series in BizTalk360 Blog called “Thinking outside the box (or not)” and I will continue to do that in the future. In the meanwhile, I thought of creating another blog post series about one of my favorites topics: “BizTalk Server Tips and Tricks” where I will address some common, and… Read More »

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