May 22

BizTalk360 Maintenance Mode with BizTalk Deployments via Azure DevOps

Author Credits: Martin Peters, Senior Consultant at Codit During deployments of BizTalk application, it is common practice to put BizTalk360 in maintenance

By BizTalk360

May 20

Integrate 2020 Remote Session Spoiler – Building Event-Driven Integration Architectures

As the title of this session suggests, you will learn about the benefits of event-based integration and how it can help modernize your applications to be

By BizTalk360

May 18

Integrate 2020 Remote Session Spoiler – Messaging Patterns with Azure AIS

Messaging and eventing activities are at the core of most integration solutions. Although conceptually those two architectures differ on how they deal with

By BizTalk360

May 14

Integrate 2020 Remote Session Spoiler – AI/ML, Integration and Monitoring

Data is the new gold! A phrase you might have heard in some discussion or presentation you have attended. Our economies are indeed more data-driven, and

By BizTalk360

May 13

Integrate 2020 Remote Session Spoiler – Improve your API’s with RBAC security

Exposing APIs is all about making it easy for consumers to consume and understand your APIs. But there is a lot more to consider to create a robust,

By BizTalk360

May 12

Integrate 2020 Remote Session Spoiler – Setting up a highly available BizTalk Server in Azure

Today, it's more common with BizTalk Server environments located in Azure. With the release of BizTalk Server 2020, this is increasing. Generally, production

By BizTalk360

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