Sep 25

BizTalk360 High Available Setup Guide

High availability, Multi server, Multi-environment Infrastructure Guide This article will help you to understand the architecture of the infrastructure

By Mekala Ramesh
stop-alerts-maintenance during public holidays

Sep 13

Stop Alerts for Maintenance during Business Holidays

Introduction We are super excited to announce the availability of another interesting improvement in our upcoming version! BizTalk360 will allow you to setup

By Mekala Ramesh
column-filters-capability-in -izTalk360

Aug 30

Introducing additional column filters capability in BizTalk360

Introducing new capability “Add/Remove” column headers Here is another interesting capability, we are transporting in our upcoming version. Tired of

By Mekala Ramesh
Centralized Advanced Event Log viewer performance

Aug 14

Centralized Advanced Event Log viewer performance improvement for getting better insights about your BizTalk Environment

In this blog post, I wanted to highlight the performance improvements of advanced event viewer collection logic in our upcoming version 8.9. This change will

By Mekala Ramesh

Jul 10

How we solved daylight saving issue?

DST in General It is a universal practice around the world to observe daylight saving time(DST). We all moved our clocks one hour forward this last March.

By Mekala Ramesh
how to solve webhttp error in biztalk360

Oct 13

Our experience in solving “webHttp” issue

The top-secret to effective product service handling is to take each complaint seriously. Even if it’s simply a misinterpretation or a mistake on the part of

By Mekala Ramesh
ServiceNow Notification Channel in BizTalk360

Oct 6

You asked, we attended: ServiceNow Notification Channel Enhancement

Support service is one facet of business that is important to every business, regardless of industry, it is vital to delivering the best service possible to

By Mekala Ramesh
global azure bootcamp 2017

Apr 23

Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 – Event Recap

BizTalk360 and community initiatives: On April 22, 2017, BizTalk360 organized the fifth edition of Global Azure Bootcamp (GAB) event at PSG College of

By Mekala Ramesh
microsoft escalation team at biztalk360

Apr 22

BizTalk360 Support Team meets the Microsoft Escalation Team

Community events are an integral part of BizTalk360. TechMeet360 is an innovative technology event drive taken by BizTalk360 where all the technical

By Mekala Ramesh
biztalk health monitoring integration in biztalk360

Apr 20

It’s time to upgrade to BizTalk Health Monitoring in BizTalk360

We are in the final stage of the BizTalk360 v8.4 release. Our QA activities are in full swing to wrap up the testing and release the brand new v8.4 for public

By Mekala Ramesh

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