Mar 10

Moving to SQL Azure is not a simple connection string change

Why Customers are every day more interested in moving workloads to the cloud and the ability to have hybrid scenarios is growing constantly, we see

By Ricardo Torre

Mar 24

First Look at Azure API Apps and Logic Apps

At INTEGRATE 2014 Microsoft detailed the new Application platform concepts on how they were going to build their PaaS story in Azure around the Microservices

By Ricardo Torre

Mar 3

Introducing BizTalk Server Data Monitoring in BizTalk360 (version 7.9)

When demonstrating BizTalk360 to customers we would often be asked for "How can I monitor for…" and then they would go and describe something based on the

By Ricardo Torre

Mar 4

BizTalk Server Tip #30: Use ETW for high performance tracking

Use Event Tracking for Windows (ETW) for a high performance tracking and debugging of your BizTalk Applications. Since this method uses some high

By Ricardo Torre

Mar 3

BizTalk Server Tip #29: Develop adapter using WCF

When developing new adapters create a Custom WCF Channel or use the WCF LOB SDK as a reference starting point, this will allow you to create a scalable and

By Ricardo Torre

Mar 2

BizTalk Server Tip #28: Avoid Orchestrations when possible

Use static routing, content based routing or itineraries to avoid using Orchestrations and use routing of failed messages for advance error handling since

By Ricardo Torre

Mar 1

BizTalk Server Tip #27: Implement a Enterprise Service Bus using the ESB Toolkit

Use ESB Toolkit to implement a dynamic self-adapting solution. It enables the implementation of the ESB pattern within BizTalk by maximizing the re-use of

By Ricardo Torre

Feb 28

BizTalk Server Tip #26: Test 100% of your code

Guarantee full code coverage by running Orchestration Profiler of tracking data of your load tests. When testing your BizTalk Applications it is important

By Ricardo Torre

Feb 27

BizTalk Server Tip #25: Consider to prefer XSLT in maps

When developing maps consider using XSLT as the preferred language for describing your transformations by either using Custom XSLT, Scripting Functoids or

By Ricardo Torre

Feb 26

BizTalk Server Tip #24: Maintain you Message Box efficiently

Don't let your BizTalk Message Box database grow significantly by accumulating suspended messages, put in place a monitoring mechanism to identify and

By Ricardo Torre

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