Feb 25

BizTalk Server Tip #23: Configure and activate the DTA Purge and Archive Job

Configure and activate the DTA Purge And Archive Job to maintain a healthy BizTalkDTADb database, just keep the tracking information you need and delete

By Ricardo Torre

Feb 24

BizTalk Server Tip #22: Use Webgarden for IIS scalability

When IIS becomes a bottleneck you can use webgarden for IIS scalability, this will create multiple hosting processes in the server and IIS will manage the

By Ricardo Torre

Feb 23

BizTalk Server Tip #21: Plan your Backup and DR strategy

Configure and activate the BizTalk Backup Job to generate the only supported BizTalk backup files and ensure you are able to restore them by planning and

By Ricardo Torre

Feb 22

BizTalk Server Tip #20: Use SSO as the application configuration store

For BizTalk Application settings use SSO for secure, scalable and highly available store. This is more secure than the usually used BizTalk configuration

By Ricardo Torre

Feb 21

BizTalk Server Tip #19: Purge BAM Data

Use the out of the box SSIS packages for purging old data from BAM ensuring only relevant information is available and that the Performance of the

By Ricardo Torre

Feb 20

BizTalk Server Tip #18: Cluster the Master Secret Server

Cluster SSO Master Secret Server using Windows Clustering to guarantee this component is also highly available, you have to do this to achieve full HA. The

By Ricardo Torre

Feb 19

BizTalk Server Tip #17: Use fast disks for your BizTalk Database subsystem

SQL Server is vital for any BizTalk environment, ensure maximum performance for the most demanding databases with a fast disk subsystem, consider using

By Ricardo Torre

Feb 18

BizTalk Server Tip #16: Use Visual Studio for functional and load testing

Use Visual Studio test capabilities for functional testing and load testing, you can simulate real load of your environment while at the same time

By Ricardo Torre

Feb 17

BizTalk Server Tip #15: Split big messages in the receive pipeline

If you have a big message consider using envelop schemas and the default pipelines to split the message at the entrance point in BizTalk for best

By Ricardo Torre

Feb 16

BizTalk Server Tip #14: Use the Business Rule Engine to implement Business Logic

Use Business Rule Engine to implement business logic that is modular, reusable and simple. It will allow you to operate on information contained in .NET

By Ricardo Torre

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