Feb 5

BizTalk Server Tip #3: BAM Lightweight Tracking

Use BAM as a lightweight tracking mechanism, by disabling default tracking and enabling BAM activities on a message flow you can reduce the performance

By Ricardo Torre

Feb 4

BizTalk Server Tip #2: Efficient Host Separation

When configuring hosts always consider the best practices for BizTalk host separation, start with the separation of artifacts per functionality (receive,

By Ricardo Torre

Feb 3

BizTalk Server Tip #1: Take advantage of Multi MessageBox Configuration

Take advantage of configuring multiple message boxes in BizTalk environment to overcome SQL server bottlenecks. Once the load goes up in your BizTalk

By Ricardo Torre

Dec 12

High Availability and Disaster Recovery of BizTalk360

BizTalk Server environments are normally as critical as the most critical system they integrate with; this normally means highly critical, in this scenarios

By Ricardo Torre

Sep 18

The Hybrid Organisation – The story of the day

When I joined BizTalk360 a few weeks ago I was given the chance to participate in the UK Connected Systems User Group The Hybrid Event. Of course I

By Ricardo Torre

Sep 3

Why I joined BizTalk360

First of all I am Ricardo Torre, 30, married, Portuguese. I love technology and knowledge in general. After spending over 6 years at Microsoft working a

By Ricardo Torre

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