Oct 16

Introducing the PowerShell Notification Channel in BizTalk360

Notifications are an established concept for alerting users. By default, a number of external notification channels are inbuilt into BizTalk360. The only step

By Rochelle Saldanha

Jul 3

Setup multiple Maintenance Windows in BizTalk360

Introduction BizTalk360 allows you to setup monitoring on many artifacts and also allows you to auto-correct artifacts which have hit an unexpected state.

By Rochelle Saldanha
BizTalk360 v8.7

Mar 21

BizTalk360 v8.7 Released

We are excited to launch version 8.7 of BizTalk360 where we have added improvements to existing features and resolved quite a few number of outstanding support

By Rochelle Saldanha
BizTalk360 Customer Support Statistics

Feb 8

BizTalk360 Customer Support — 2017 Achievement

The stats are in. Our continuous striving for improvement and dedication have resulted in some really positive numbers in BizTalk360 Customer Support.

By Rochelle Saldanha
Looking Back at My Past Year in BizTalk360!

Dec 21

Looking Back at My Past Year in BizTalk360!

In case you haven’t been on social media lately, you may have missed out on the fact that nearly everyone is sharing a photo collage of the past year. So

By Rochelle Saldanha
notification channels in biztalk360

Dec 6

Introducing the Teams Notification Channel in BizTalk360

BizTalk360 has the capability to trigger notifications to custom external notification channels. What this means for customers, is that if you are already

By Rochelle Saldanha
Custom Alarm Monitoring Widget in Operations Dashboard

Sep 11

Customer Feedback getting Answered: Custom Alarm Monitoring Widget in Operations Dashboard

We are planning a series of blogs, Customer feedback getting Answered, where we will be trying to address and answer some of the issues where a workaround is

By Rochelle Saldanha

Aug 15

Have you Backed up your BizTalk360 Database?

Think about all the information that is stored in your BizTalk360 database - Alarms, Knowledge Base, various Settings. This data is very important for many

By Rochelle Saldanha
BizTalk360 Alarms

Aug 1

Automate Alarm Creation in BizTalk360

Imagine having just purchased BizTalk Server, and you need to get it up and running with all the monitoring setup for the various artifacts, etc. You are just

By Rochelle Saldanha
Integrating Microsoft Teams as a Notification channel in BizTalk360

Jul 18

Integrating Microsoft Teams as a Notification channel in BizTalk360

Recently in one of our support tickets, a customer enquired on whether Microsoft Teams as a notification channel would be implemented in upcoming releases, as

By Rochelle Saldanha

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