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Sep 19

Can we create Custom widgets with cross domain URL?

In my previous blog, I spoke about one of the issues we encountered during our support. In this blog, I will specifically be talking about the custom widgets

By Sivaramakrishnan Arumugam
dll missing in biztalk server 2016

May 12

Is Microsoft.BizTalk.Message.Interop.CompressionStreams.dll Missing in BizTalk Server 2016?

Every year BizTalk360 releases with 3 or 4 major versions (with few minor patch releases addressing critical bugs) with new key features with every major

By Sivaramakrishnan Arumugam
biztalk360 support tickets management

May 10

Do’s and Dont’s in Support Call Handling

For any product, customer support will be considered as the face of the product and company. They deal with the customers and try to solve the problems which

By Sivaramakrishnan Arumugam
biztalk360 licensing

Mar 9

Challenges in BizTalk360 Licensing after Environment Changes

In BizTalk360 support, we often face a lot of interesting issues and we thought we would bring out a series to discuss the different cases that come our way

By Sivaramakrishnan Arumugam

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