Jul 25

BizTalk360 Dependent Ports and Protocols

BizTalk360, being a Middleware monitoring tool, it must deal with a lot of message transfer between different systems of BizTalk Server. In a typical

By Vignesh Sukumar
electronic-data-interchange dashboard in BizTalk360

Jul 5

EDI Dashboard widgets for reporting MDN status in BizTalk360

Electronic Data Interchange, provides a common-Industrial standard to communicate between different enterprises with a predefined format to reduce the manual

By Vignesh Sukumar
techorama 2017 announcements

May 24

Techorama 2017 Keynote – Recap

Techorama is a yearly International Technology Conference which takes place at Metropolis, Antwerp. With 1500+ physical participants across the globe, the

By Vignesh Sukumar

Apr 26

Walk-through on Management REST-API Service-Feature Pack 1

Microsoft has just released the Feature Pack 1 for BizTalk Server 2016 with plenty of features for BizTalk Developers and Administrators. I am so excited to

By Vignesh Sukumar

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