BizTalk HotRod Magazine.

|  Posted: April 17, 2007  |  Categories: Community Events

This morning I came across this interesting magazine via Richard Seroter. I quickly glimpsed through the magazine at work and was very impressed by the contents straight away.

 This is the first magazine I’ve seen dedicated to BizTalk resources. The first issue contains 8 good articles written by people from Microsoft and its partners.

After seeing the content of the magazine I couldn’t resist to wait till the weekend to update  BizTalk247. So, I added a new section to BizTalk247 called MAGAZINE which previews the content of BizTalk HotRod.

I encourage all BizTalk developers to go through the articles in the magazine they are well written based on real time customer situations.

As a feature article, there is an article from Stephen Kaufman which highlights the features of BizTalk 2006 R2.



Author: Saravana Kumar

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