BizTalk Server Tip #7: Performance Testing is key

|  Posted: February 9, 2014  |  Categories: BizTalk Server BizTalk360

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Consider performance testing a deployment criteria, never go into production before knowing what your maximum sustainable throughput is. Assuming linear scalability is not realistic and the nature of the applications you develop will dictate how it scales, during performance testing you will have the chance to optimize your configuration, architecture and code.

There is a great white paper from Microsoft “BizTalk Server Performance Optimization Guide” which will help you understand various aspects of performance tuning, how to use tools like LoadGen,  etc


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Author: Ricardo Torre

Head of Technical Pre-Sales & Product Strategist at BizTalk360, an enterprise software that acts as an all-in-one solution for better administration, operation, support and monitoring of Microsoft BizTalk Server environments.

  • ukwiz

    These are some great articles, but unfortunately all of them are old articles scrambled across internet, what I can think is, you are trying to collate all of these at one location which is good, so that we can get information at one place. Also it would be good to see, in future articles targetting on BTS2010 or BTS2013, as I believe most of the customers are moving towards these versions from BTS2006/R2. Cheers!!

    • saravanamv

      Even though the article is pointing to some of the links/guides that were released for older versions, the concepts and principles still apply to newer version of BizTalk server as well. The core messaging engine and architecture of BizTalk server is pretty much same from 2004 onwards so all the counters/tuning exercise will apply to 2010 and 2013.

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