BizTalk Server Tip #8: Package all your resources into MSI

|  Posted: February 10, 2014  |  Categories: BizTalk Server BizTalk360


Include every artifact in your BizTalk Application as a MSI resource for a fully automated application installation, you can include anything you need including script files that are executed during install and uninstall. This will give you a single installation package with minimal manual intervention which reduces the likely would of introducing problems.



Author: Ricardo Torre

Head of Technical Pre-Sales & Product Strategist at BizTalk360, an enterprise software that acts as an all-in-one solution for better administration, operation, support and monitoring of Microsoft BizTalk Server environments.

  • Sajith C P

    Hi Ricardo,
    I have a different view to this. Not always we add helper classes/.NET assemblies as a resource. If we are using BizTalk admin console to export an MSI, then it makes sense to add these assembles as resources for GAC ing etc. But nowadays people are more favoring BizTalk Deployment Framework and the MSI it creates has no relation whatsoever with the one that is being created by BizTalk tools. The helper classes and assemblies are still packaged in to the MSI and is GAC ed upon installation/deployment, thus serving the purpose. Let me know your thoughts on this.
    Sajith C P

    • Ricardo Torre

      Hi Sajith,

      The most important part of this tip is that avoiding manual steps in your deployment process is key. By doing so we avoid human error. Using the BizTalk MSI is an obvious option since you don’t require any additional tool to be learned, it is available in all BizTalk environments and people are familiar with it. What people don’t normally know (and choose other ways of doing it including manual steps during deployment) is that you can do a lot with your BizTalk MSI.

      I agree that using the BizTalk Deployment Framework might be a more complete option and that it solves the stated problem.

      Best regards,
      Ricardo Torre

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