BizTalk360 V2 Alert/Notification Capabilities Feedback

|  Posted: July 19, 2011  |  Categories: BizTalk360

One of the top requested feature for BizTalk 360 is the ability to send alerts/notifications to the users in the event of failures. For V1 we focused on bringing rich dashboards in the UI to help support/monitoring people to identify issues. For V2 we are bringing the same richness directly to the user inbox, with the alerting/notification capabilities.

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Below picture shows a sample email message.

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We created 4 (very short) videos to show BizTalk 360’s alerting/notification capabilities. This is an early preview, and we greatly appreciate your feedback in shaping this functionality.

Basic Principles – Initial Setup (6:28 mins)

Maintenance Mode (2:23 mins)

Ability to ignore artifacts for monitoring (4:35 mins)

Customizing Email Templates (2:16 mins)

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