2018 Recap

Dec 27

Year End Recap – A lot can change in a year!

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to gather your thoughts and think about all you’ve done, and every step – no matter how big or small, got you to

By Rochelle Saldanha

Jun 6

INTEGRATE 2018 – Recap of Day 3

Missed the Day 1 at INTEGRATE 2018 Here’s the recap of Day 1 events. Missed the Day 2 at INTEGRATE 2018 Here's the recap of Day 2 events. 0815 —

By Sriram Hariharan

Jun 5

INTEGRATE 2018 – Recap of Day 2

Missed the Day 1 at INTEGRATE 2018 Here's the recap of Day 1 events. 0830 — An early start on Day 2. The session started with consideration of using

By Sriram Hariharan

Jun 4

INTEGRATE 2018 – Recap of Day 1

June 4, 2018 — The day for INTEGRATE 2018. 0430 — It all started early for the BizTalk360 team. Train ride, walk to the underground station, a tube ride

By Sriram Hariharan
BizTalk360 with Scott Gothrie

Nov 7

INTEGRATE 2017 USA – In Conversation

INTEGRATE is a global annual conference organized by BizTalk360 for people working in the Microsoft Integration space. It is held annually in London and this

By Bhavana Nambiar

Oct 28

Integrate 2017 USA Day 3 Recap

Day 3, the final day of Integrate 2017 USA, at Microsoft Campus building 92. The event so far well received and made people happy seeing the innovations,

By Steef-Jan Wiggers
Integrate 2017 USA

Oct 26

Integrate 2017 USA Day 2 Recap

And so the second day of Integrate 2017 USA is a fact, another day of great sessions and action packed demos. We started the day with Mayank Sharma and Divya

By Eldert Grootenboer
Integrate 2017 USA

Oct 26

Integration 2017 USA Keynote

After a great start and some great content on Day 1 at Integrate 2017 USA it was time for the keynote, Jim Harrer returned to introduce the man known as

By Martin Abbott
Integrate Event Recap Day 1

Oct 25

Integrate 2017 USA Day 1 Recap

And we’re off, the USA leg of the Integrate conference started today in Building 92 on the Microsoft campus in Redmond. Check out the recap of the events

By Martin Abbott
Microsoft Integration technology Conference

Aug 17

Why you should attend INTEGRATE 2017 (USA)?

Are you an Integration expert Want to get up to speed on the Microsoft Integration technologies Want to hear what the Microsoft Product Group is up to, their

By Saravana Kumar

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