First set of videos from BizTalk Summit 2013, London

|  Posted: February 13, 2013  |  Categories: Community Events

I probably don’t need to give any introduction about “BizTalk Summit 2013, London“, one of the biggest BizTalk Server recently we conducted along with help of Microsoft product group and Microsoft UK. If in case you just bumped into this blog post, here are some background details


The event was such a huge success with around 140 attendees from 15 different countries all focused on talking one thing “Microsoft BizTalk Server”. It provided a great platform to discuss the future of BizTalk directly with Microsoft BizTalk Server product group members, Microsoft Integration MVP’s, Industry leaders and people from different organisations. We received lot of positive feedback after the event and people asked about the video. It has taken slightly more time than we anticipated, but finally we managed to edit and upload the first set of videos from BizTalk Summit 2013, London. The film crew is still working on remaining videos and we will try our best to get it to you as soon as possible. Here are the videos available for immediate viewing.

Videos List:

BizTalk Server Management and Monitoring using BizTalk360In this session, Saravana Kumar Founder of BizTalk360 explains various challenges organisations face today when it comes to BizTalk server day to day operations, administration and monitoring and how BizTalk360 addresses those pain points. By Saravana Kumar



BizTalk Server 2013: The new cloud related adapters

BizTalk 2013 will feature some new adapters, the WCF-BasicHttpRelay, WCF-NetTcpRelay, SB-Messaging and WCF-WebHttp. The first three have capabilities to configure connectivity with the Windows Azure Service Bus. This will enable you to create solutions that will enable communication between systems and applications across network boundaries. In this talk you will see the full potential of these adapters in various scenarios. By Steef-Jan Wiggers



BizTalk Assessment and Architecture Review
Making a good BizTalk assessment and architecture review is a not a simple thing. BizTalk Server needs many different technologies in order to run. There are many aspects to be considered and many things to inspect in order to make a complete BizTalk architecture review. Nino Crudele explains with full of fun and humour in this 45 mins talk.  By Nino CrudelePlayVideo

What’s new in BizTalk 2013, Windows 2012, and SQL 2012
For BizTalk Administrators and Developers it’s important to stay ahead of new releases and be aware of what’s happening. BizTalk Server 2013 will be out soon and the new improved features in SQL and windows Server 2012 is important to be aware of. There have been major updates in Fail over clustering, DNS, Group Policy and Hyper-V and Networking. In video Tord will guide you through the updates and features so you are ready to initiate and start using BizTalk Server 2013. By Tord Glad NordahlPlayVideo

Video to come in next week or so

  • Keynote by Microsoft Product Group (Ravi Krishnaswamy, Guru Venkataram)
  • EAI/EDI Features in BizTalk Azure Services
  • Q/A Panel – Microsoft Product Group, Microsoft Integration MVP’s
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