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Apr 30

How to install BizTalk NoS Ultimate for BizTalk Server 2020/Visual Studio 2019

First of all, what is BizTalk NoS Ultimate BizTalk NoS Ultimate is a Visual Studio add-in for BizTalk developers that will improve the experience while

By Sandro Pereira

Apr 24

BizTalk Server 2020 – Audit Capabilities and View Auditing Activities in BizTalk360

Introduction Integrate is the premier event in the Microsoft Integration space. Every year it has happened in London, focusing on BizTalk & Azure. Due to

By Senthil Kumar Palanisamy

Apr 21

BizTalk360 V9.1 – New Features and Enhancements

As you know BizTalk360 keeps up its standard by introducing new features or by improving existing features, that ease the user experience to the next level in

By Saranya Ramakrishnan

Apr 10

Webinar Spoiler: BizTalk Server 2020 Unwrapped!

The COVID-19 pandemic has enforced many of us to work from home. For almost all of us, this is the first time we are experiencing working from home culture,

By Mekala Ramesh

Apr 9

BizTalk Server 2020 – Analytics Features

In the last couple of months, we have brought several blog posts about BizTalk Server 2020. In today’s blog post about the BizTalk Server 2020 features, we

By Lex Hegt
Integrate 2020 Remote

Apr 6

INTEGRATE 2020 Remote (our first virtual conference)

I hope you are all keeping safe in these unprecedented times. That's the number one priority for all of us to protect ourselves and close family, friends, and

By Saravana Kumar

Apr 2

BizTalk360 Compatibility with BizTalk Server 2020

Already there is a lot of buzz happening around the new release of the BizTalk Server 2020 version. It is the most expected version by the integration of

By Mekala Ramesh

Mar 22

Data Purging in BizTalk Server and BizTalk360

The term purge means removing or erase something completely. Data purging is a process or activity mostly heard with Database technologies, i.e. Cleaning up of

By Sivaramakrishnan Arumugam

Mar 10

BizTalk Server 2020 – Hybrid Adapter

The wait is over, Microsoft has released BizTalk Server 2020 with a bunch of new exciting features. To know more about the stirring features, look at our

By Saranya Ramakrishnan

Mar 5

Schedule Maintenance to Stop Alerts in BizTalk360

We are delighted to inform you that BizTalk360 Stop Alerts for maintenance capability is enhanced, and it is renamed as "Schedule Maintenance". As we know

By Lattetapriyanka Vishu

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