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Apr 18

Pipeline Performance

At the moment I'm working on one of the world's biggest civilian project and one of the world's biggest biztalk implementation. In order to achive strict SLA

By Saravana Kumar

Apr 18

Intersting tips I came across while preparing for the exam

Here are some of the interesting points I came across while I was preparing for the BizTalk server partner competency exam: Point 1: If you performed a

By Saravana Kumar

Apr 13

Biztalk Health Monitoring Tool

The BizTalk Server 2004 Health Monitor tool is a Microsoft Windows® service that is designed to monitor application hosts for active messages based on

By Saravana Kumar

Apr 8

Passed 74-135 Biztalk 2004 Exam

Took the exam this afternoon and cleared it. Phew! One of toughest MS exams I've taken. Just theoretical knowledge will not help to pass this paper. I feel

By Saravana Kumar

Apr 3

Pipeline.exe for performance Improvement

I guess many of you guys around will be working with custom pipeline components and I suppose you create biztalk artifacts (send/Receive port) to test your

By Saravana Kumar

Apr 2

Windows 2003/XP Laptop /LCD screen users

Have you heard of ClearType ClearType is a font smoothing technology build on XP/2003. I been using Windows 2003 for a while now in my laptop, but haven't

By Saravana Kumar

Mar 24

BizTalk FAQ

Advanced basics. This faq covers some of the Advanced basic questions, which arise on most of the developers head during the initial stages. It's really

By Saravana Kumar

Mar 22

Call Rules From Orchestration * Important Point

I'm not going to explain how to call rules (Policy) from an Orchestration. If you want more information

By Saravana Kumar

Mar 16

On/Off Element in the output message based on input message element content

Lets take a sample condition where you want to map an element from the source schema to target schema if there is a particular value in the element. Let me

By Saravana Kumar

Mar 9

Control Orchestration Dehydration time

Have you ever wondered how to control the Orchestration Dehydration time modify your BTSNTSvc.exe.config file as explained in the following link. (Biztalk

By Saravana Kumar

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