Mar 10

BizTalk Server 2020 – Hybrid Adapter

The wait is over, Microsoft has released BizTalk Server 2020 with a bunch of new exciting features. To know more about the stirring features, look at our

By Saranya Ramakrishnan

Jan 10

Using Azure Service Bus and BizTalk 2016 for messaging between enterprises

Messaging or data exchange between business can be done in various ways. Most of you are familiar with FTP (file transfer) or HTTP(S) with XML, JSON or flat

By Steef-Jan Wiggers

Oct 9

Challenges in handling date and time in REST API and distributed web applications

One of the important thing we addressed in BizTalk360 version 7.8 (releasing Oct, 2014) is a mechanism to have consistent date and time handling. Handling date

By Saravana Kumar

Mar 3

BizTalk Server Tip #29: Develop adapter using WCF

When developing new adapters create a Custom WCF Channel or use the WCF LOB SDK as a reference starting point, this will allow you to create a scalable and

By Ricardo Torre

Apr 8

BizTalk Admin only installation bug : Failed to create WCF-SQL Transport Component

Recently we received a support call from one of our BizTalk360 customer saying, they were able to control all the send port/receive locations using BizTalk360

By Saravana Kumar

Aug 26

Multiple Isolated Host (Host Instances) – Multiple Virtual directories – different adapters, what are the rules?

If your BizTalk solution is mainly relying on HTTP/SOAP adapter (we are still in BTS 2006 - no WCF yet), you'll soon see weird errors popping up due to BizTalk

By Saravana Kumar

Feb 14

BizTalk Web Service: Enum’s picking default values automatically and resulting in Xml Schema validation issues

Recently I encountered a serious problem with BizTalk generated web service while doing Xml validation that uses mandatory elements with enumeration. System

By Saravana Kumar

Aug 17

SOAP Adapter and BizTalk Web Publishing Wizard

Exposing an Orchestration as Web Service: This is the safest option you can choose, when you want to expose your business process as an industry standard web

By Saravana Kumar

Jun 6

Adding Custom HTTP Headers to messages send via HTTP Adapter

You can download the entire article as a PDF document. Adding Custom HTTP Headers to messages send via HTTP Adapter There will often be times we need to add

By Saravana Kumar

Jun 4

Implement Caching for your BizTalk applications using "static" classes and methods.

UPDATED: 24th August 2007, to reflect Richard Seroter's comment There is no necessity to explain the importance of caching in any server based developments

By Saravana Kumar

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