Setting unique Tracking Id in BizTalk Logic Apps send port

Jun 23

Setting unique Tracking Id in BizTalk Logic Apps send port

I was working on a POC which involved sending a message from BizTalk send port to a logic app with message’s HTTP header enriched to have a unique tracking

By Srinivasa Mahendrakar
future plans for biztalk360 in microsoft integration space

May 9

What is going to be the future of BizTalk360?

About 10-12 years ago (around 2004-2005), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) was a big topic in the enterprise world. Massive projects were initiated to align

By Saravana Kumar
Push documents to Window Azure Blob Storage using BizTalk Server

Mar 16

Push documents to Window Azure Blob Storage using BizTalk Server

BizTalk Server 2013 and later versions support connectivity with Windows Azure through its adapters WCF-BasicHttpRelay, WCF-NetTcpRelay, WCF-WebHttp and

By Steef-Jan Wiggers

Jan 10

Using Azure Service Bus and BizTalk 2016 for messaging between enterprises

Messaging or data exchange between business can be done in various ways. Most of you are familiar with FTP (file transfer) or HTTP(S) with XML, JSON or flat

By Steef-Jan Wiggers
biztalk360 monitoring azure services

Jan 9

Using Azure Management API in an On-Premise Application

With the release of version 8.1, BizTalk360 has the capability of monitoring Logic Apps, API Apps and Azure Service Bus in the Microsoft Azure stack. During

By Senthil Kumar Palanisamy

Oct 24

BizTalk developers transitioning to the cloud – terms to learn and understand

The evolution happening in the Integration space can be overwhelming for a BizTalk consultant who so far has been focusing on delivering robust on-premise

By Srinivasa Mahendrakar

Feb 7

Understand Azure Event Hubs

For the past few months, I got hooked up with BizTalk360 and isolated myself from any deep technology learning. Now BizTalk360 version 8.0 is out of my way the

By Saravana Kumar

Dec 4

Microsoft making big bets on Microservices

Dec 3, Redmond, WA. INTEGRATE 2014, at the Global BizTalk Summit, Microsoft revealed to the public for the first time how integration is evolving as first

By Saravana Kumar

Apr 8

Getting Started with BizTalk Services – Book Review

Yesterday I received the printed copy of the book Getting Started with BizTalk Service written by Karthik Bharathy and Jon Fancey. The timing could not be

By Saravana Kumar

Jul 18

Windows Azure BizTalk Services–Hello Word and Hybrid Scenarios demo videos

This week I presented a session for Windows Azure user group here in London about the new Windows Azure BizTalk Services. Typically I present in BizTalk User

By Saravana Kumar

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