Jun 23

BizTalk Server 2020 – Send Tracking Data to Azure

Microsoft has released BizTalk Server 2020 with a bunch of exciting new features. To know more about the stirring features, look at our series of

By Saranya Ramakrishnan
microsoft azure logic apps & event hubs

Apr 24

Azure Logic Apps and Azure Event Hubs (Middleware Friday)

In this blog post, we'll take a look at Azure Logic Apps and Azure Event Hubs. This topic was covered by Kent Weare in the 16th episode of Middleware

By Sriram Hariharan

Nov 22

A Look at Azure Event Hubs Archive

In this guest blog post we are going to look at a recently released feature called Azure Event Hubs Archive. For those who may not be familiar with Event Hubs,

By Kent Weare

Oct 17

Azure Event Hubs and working with Proxy

One of the common patterns you’ll see in the cloud adoption is how you are going to move data (either from on-premise or devices) into the cloud. There

By Saranya Ramakrishnan

Sep 19

INTEGRATION DAY Bangalore – Pre-event Recap…

BizTalk360 organized the first ever Integration focused event in India on September 10, 2016. Integration Day Bangalore was a one day event at Microsoft GTSC,

By Sriram Hariharan

May 31

Understanding the consumer side of Azure EventHubs (Checkpoint, InitialOffsetProvider, EventProcessorHost)

Azure EventHubs are a cloud-scale telemetry ingestion from websites, apps and devices. Because of the tremendous event handling capacities, they are also being

By Arunkumar Kumaresan

Feb 7

Understand Azure Event Hubs

For the past few months, I got hooked up with BizTalk360 and isolated myself from any deep technology learning. Now BizTalk360 version 8.0 is out of my way the

By Saravana Kumar

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