Jul 11

Monitor the Host Instances in Clustered/High Availability Environment

A BizTalk Server Host is a logical container that contains the BizTalk Server runtime processes in which you deploy items such as adapter handlers, receive

By Sowmiya Subramanian
Non-Super user cannot terminate/resume suspended instances

Jul 4

Can a non-super user Terminate/Resume suspended instances?

BizTalk360 is a single platform to have total control over your BizTalk environment. It has the three main modules namely Operations, Monitoring and Analytics.

By Praveena Jayanarayanan

Jul 3

BizTalk360 version 6.5 is available for download with exciting new features

We are super excited to announce the immediate availability of BizTalk360 version 6.5. We are keeping the same release cadence with a release every 4-5 months

By Saravana Kumar

Feb 1

Advanced BizTalk Host Instances Monitoring

One of our potential prospect (a big Aircraft manufacturer) is evaluating BizTalk360 for their BizTalk Server monitoring requirements. We been working with

By Saravana Kumar

Mar 8

Failover clustering doesn’t mean 100% uptime

When we discuss about high availability scenario, we typically think about windows failover clustering. In a BizTalk world we commonly use failover clustering

By Saravana Kumar

Jul 26

BizTalk 360 now handles clustered BizTalk Host Instances correctly

We need to admit this is one of the thing we didn't pay enough attention in the previous versions of BizTalk 360. Until last week when one of our potential

By Saravana Kumar

May 5

BizTalk360 – BizTalk Host Dashboard

Today lets take a look at what BizTalk Host Dashboard provides in BizTalk360. The below picture shows the screen shot of BizTalk Host Dashboard. and the

By Saravana Kumar

May 4

BizTalk360 – BizTalk Server Dashboard

Today lets take a look at what BizTalk Server dashboard provides in BizTalk360. The picture below shows the BizTalk Dashboard of BizTalk360: It displays

By Saravana Kumar

Aug 26

Multiple Isolated Host (Host Instances) – Multiple Virtual directories – different adapters, what are the rules?

If your BizTalk solution is mainly relying on HTTP/SOAP adapter (we are still in BTS 2006 - no WCF yet), you'll soon see weird errors popping up due to BizTalk

By Saravana Kumar

Aug 11

BizTalk Config file and 32bit-64bit host instances mixed server

When you install 64 bit version of BizTalk sever, the application installation folder will have 2 BizTalk configuration files. 1. BtsNTSvc.exe.config,

By Saravana Kumar

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