Aug 9

BizTalk Server and GDPR Considerations: How to properly restrict access to SQL Server stored procedures

We all know that the WCF-SQL adapter enables BizTalk Server to perform composite operations on any SQL Server database. A composite operation can include any

By Sandro Pereira
biztalk server tips

Jun 6

BizTalk Server Tips and Tricks: How to Backup (other) BizTalk Custom Databases

During my sessions about BizTalk Server Tips and Tricks, I normally ask: What RosettaNet, ESB or UDDI have in common And the answer is: they all are BizTalk

By Sandro Pereira
error handling using web api

Mar 2

How to apply Error Handling in Web API’s

Error handling refers to anticipation, detection, and resolution of programming, application, and communication errors. Specialized programs, called error

By Reshma Sulthan
BTDF introduction

Feb 13

Understanding the BizTalk Deployment Framework – Introduction

This is an article in a series of 2 about the BizTalk Deployment Framework (BTDF). This open source framework is often used to create installation packages for

By Lex Hegt
global c# functions

Jan 17

Thinking outside the box (or not): How to create “Global C# function” to be reused inside a map?

The Scripting functoid enables you to use Inline Custom Script (C# .NET, JScript .NET, Visual Basic .NET, Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT)

By Sandro Pereira
web api versioning strategy

Jan 16

Web API Versioning Strategy

When you make any changes in the API, consumer should be able to continue using API in the way they were using before the changes were made. This is where the

By Mohammed Shamil

Dec 7

Archiving BizTalk Messages using Logic App and DocumentDB

Archiving messages can be an interesting challenge with BizTalk. The product provides an out of the box capability for archiving BizTalk messages that

By Steef-Jan Wiggers

Nov 15

Thinking outside the box (or not): How to properly call a SQL stored procedure without any input parameters?

First of all, let me say thanks to Saravana for inviting me to be a guest blogger in BizTalk360 blog. I hope this will be the first of many… and why not

By Sandro Pereira

Sep 19

INTEGRATION DAY Bangalore – Pre-event Recap…

BizTalk360 organized the first ever Integration focused event in India on September 10, 2016. Integration Day Bangalore was a one day event at Microsoft GTSC,

By Sriram Hariharan

Aug 30

Monitoring BizTalk Dehydrated Orchestrations Using BizTalk360

Long running transactions are a common scenario in BizTalk integration. They are quite often designed for purpose. Let us take an example of a payment

By Arunkumar Kumaresan

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