Aug 28

Support Deliberation

Support deliberation is a process of discussing the challenges we faced in support handling. It is an initiative which our CEO suggested, and we are following

By Sivaramakrishnan Arumugam
BizTalk360 – A look back at 2017

Dec 29

BizTalk360 – A look back at 2017

Well, it's almost time to say goodbye to what's been a fascinating and fantastic year (2017) for BizTalk360 as an organization. It's now become a tradition to

By Saravana Kumar
Looking Back at My Past Year in BizTalk360!

Dec 21

Looking Back at My Past Year in BizTalk360!

In case you haven’t been on social media lately, you may have missed out on the fact that nearly everyone is sharing a photo collage of the past year. So

By Rochelle Saldanha
Design Thinking Summit 2017

Aug 9

Our experience at Design Thinking Summit 2017

Design Thinking –the name sounds different. Can we design our thinking Yes, we can and this is what we learnt from the Design Thinking Summit 2017 which was

By Praveena Jayanarayanan
My first work experience in BizTalk360 QA Release

Aug 9

My first work experience in BizTalk360 QA Release

I am Sowmiya Gowri Subramanian and I have joined BizTalk360 as a Fresher. They have recruited me as an Intern for QA team. Within few days of my joining, I got

By Sowmiya Subramanian
kovai systems employee benefits

Aug 5

Eye and Dental Camp at BizTalk360 Campus

BizTalk360 Employee Welfare Benefits: Always our Management is trying to provide a great working place to all our great employees working at BIZTALK360. We

By indhu
BizTalk360 Induction Program

Jul 17

New Employee Induction at BizTalk360

The First Impression - a Lasting Impression Did I join the right organization Will I have a career growth in the organization Will I fit the culture of the

By Balamano Ranjith Baskaran
BizTalk360 Quarterly Meet at Gokulam Park

Jul 10

BizTalk360 Quarterly Meetup Q2 – 2017

Employees need a platform to come together as a family by taking a short break from their routine. This would help them primarily to relax, refresh and get

By Balamano Ranjith Baskaran
microsoft escalation team at biztalk360

Apr 22

BizTalk360 Support Team meets the Microsoft Escalation Team

Community events are an integral part of BizTalk360. TechMeet360 is an innovative technology event drive taken by BizTalk360 where all the technical

By Mekala Ramesh
biztalk360 team growth

Jan 4

Evolution of BizTalk360 from a Testing Perspective

Starting my journey with BizTalk360 back in 2014 when the product was in the early stages of 7.2 release was a very proud moment for both me and the

By Mekala Ramesh

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