BizTalk360 15 best features we released in 2017

Jan 3

15 best features we released in 2017 — BizTalk360 Product Update

In 2017, we released 4 major releases and 3 patch releases of BizTalk360 with various new capabilities, usability improvements and bug fixes. We wanted to

By Sriram Hariharan
Comparing Nagios and SCOM to BizTalk360

Dec 1

Comparing Nagios and SCOM to BizTalk360

In this article, we will briefly compare few popular general-purpose monitoring solutions to BizTalk360 for operating BizTalk Server. Nagios Strengths

By Lex Hegt

May 31

Get access to a great range of BizTalk360’s Value added services

At BizTalk360, we provide some essential services which benefit the customers and our partners immensely. Businesses trust and use our expertise to assist them

By Rochelle Saldanha

May 3

Introducing BizTalk360 Version 8.4 – BizTalk Server Licensing Widget, Data Monitoring for Azure Logic Apps, Folder Monitoring, FTP/FTPS/SFTP, IBM MQ Monitoring, BizTalk Health Monitoring Integration

We are continuing our tradition of one new release every 3-4 months once continuously for the past 6 years. In every release, we wanted to make sure we add

By Saravana Kumar
biztalk360 support team activities

May 3

BizTalk360 Support Process – Part 2

In my previous blog, I have explained about the BizTalk360 support process and the different steps we have taken to resolve the ticket raised by the customer.

By Praveena Jayanarayanan
Monitoring IBM MQ - Blog Featured Image

Apr 24

Monitoring IBM MQ with BizTalk360

BizTalk360 currently has capabilities to monitor MSMQ and Azure Service Bus queues. From a number of customers who are using IBM MQ, we received many requests

By Raja Sreenivasan
client requirements and satisfaction

Mar 3

BizTalk360’s New Approach To Client Relationship

Client Relationship is an approach to managing a company's interaction with current and potential future customers, which tries to analyse data about

By Rochelle Saldanha
integration account in azure marketplace

Feb 27

Connecting Azure Logic Apps with Integration Account

The Integration Account is part of the Logic Apps Enterprise Integration Pack (EIP) and is a secure, manageable and scalable container for the integration

By Kuppurasu Nagaraj
launching biztalk360 version 8.3

Feb 15

Introducing BizTalk360 Version 8.3 – Azure Logic Apps Management, Webhooks Notification Channel, ESB & EDI Dashboards, EDI Reporting Manager

We are very happy to announce the immediate availability of BizTalk360 version 8.3. This is our 48th product release since May 2011. In version 8.3 release, we

By Saravana Kumar
BizTalk360 Logic Apps Operations

Feb 10

Introducing Logic Apps Operations capability in BizTalk360

Azure Logic Apps play a vital role in an integration platform. Keeping this in mind, we introduced ‘Azure Logic Apps Monitoring’ in BizTalk360 Version

By Saranya Ramakrishnan

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