Apr 8

BizTalk 247 blogDoc Update : #1

Update #1 for http://blogdoc.biztalk247.com. Contributors: 94, Articles Count: 777 Profile Update: Following profiles are updated as per contributors

By Saravana Kumar

Apr 7

Release of http://blogdoc.biztalk247.com

Version 2 of http://blogdoc.biztalk247.com is live now, Currently there are 93 contributors and 761 articles in the site, many more in pipeline which will

By Saravana Kumar

Oct 2

BizTalk Posters section added to biztalk247.com

This one was in my todo list for a very long time, at last its been added. Here is the

By Saravana Kumar

Sep 5

Introducing biztalk247.com – blogdoc

It's been a long journey creating blogdoc, it was silently live for almost 8 months now. There is always something you like to add to the site, its a never

By Saravana Kumar

Feb 14

It’s biztalk247.com ‘s first birthday

Hello readers, I need to thank everyone for their overwhelming support and interest on http://www.biztalk247.com/v1 I launched the site same time last

By Saravana Kumar

Feb 15

biztalk247.com(BETA) new content.

I need to thank everyone who visited biztalk247.com on the lauch day and also people who posted the information in their blogs, I got few emails and comments

By Saravana Kumar

Feb 13

biztalk247.com (BETA) went live on Feb 14th Valentine Day.

I've been working on the project biztalk247.com for nearly 10 weeks now. I guess it's time to make it public. Just to mark the occation special I'm launching

By Saravana Kumar

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