Jan 8

What happened in Microsoft Integration space in 2017?

A new year has just began and at BizTalk360 we are excited to find out what 2018 will bring us as a company. We are delighted that we will release more

By Lex Hegt
Using Certificates in Logic Apps AS2 connector

Apr 10

Using Certificates in Logic Apps AS2 connector – In Depth walk through

Introduction With Enterprise integration pack, comes the ability to create logic apps which can receive and send EDI Messages over AS2 protocol. The AS2

By Srinivasa Mahendrakar
integration account in azure marketplace

Feb 27

Connecting Azure Logic Apps with Integration Account

The Integration Account is part of the Logic Apps Enterprise Integration Pack (EIP) and is a secure, manageable and scalable container for the integration

By Kuppurasu Nagaraj

Oct 24

BizTalk developers transitioning to the cloud – terms to learn and understand

The evolution happening in the Integration space can be overwhelming for a BizTalk consultant who so far has been focusing on delivering robust on-premise

By Srinivasa Mahendrakar

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