Feb 2

Implementing Unit testing using xUnit.Net

Unit Testing Unit testing is a software development process in which the smallest testable parts of an application, called units, are individually and

By Yuvaranjani Kalichamy

Dec 3

Welcoming our 250th Customer

It’s simply an amazing journey! Beginning this month we reached an important milestone in the growth of BizTalk360, welcoming our 250th customer.

By Saravana Kumar

Feb 16

First flight drama after so many years flying

I boarded BA flight BA0049 to Seattle this afternoon for the MVP Global Summit 2013. It’s pretty standard stuff, normal airport security and boarded the

By Saravana Kumar

Sep 12

Migrating your blog from any BlogML based platform to WordPress

  First I need to apologies to my readers for couple of things. One you might have noticed lot of updates recently in your readers with old posts,

By Saravana Kumar

Jul 11

Microsoft World Partner Conference 2012 experience from the field

original article link This is my first year at WPC, I kept myself away from social media and blogging for the past two days just to focus on the event.

By Saravana Kumar

Jun 17

BizTalk Backup Job Configuration, what does ‘Frequency’ mean?

The SQL job ("Backup BizTalk Server (BizTalkMgmtDb)") responsible for taking BizTalk backup is by default scheduled to run every 15 minutes. This is done via

By Saravana Kumar

May 30

Stop Facebook using your name for their sponsored Ads

You might have noticed on the right hand side of your facebook page ads appearing with your friends name ex: "Stuart Kennedy enjoyed reviewing $2899 Coffee

By Saravana Kumar

May 19

Is Google AdWords using different algorithm to organic search?

Google AdWords are supposed to display the ads that's only relevant to your search terms. Google measure the relevance of the add with something called

By Saravana Kumar

Dec 12

Easy solution to handle Visual Studio – Out of memory issue with XAML files

BizTalk360 has grown into a considerable size project, we got over 50 project in a single solution. Number of projects is not a big issue, but some of the XAML

By Saravana Kumar

Dec 9

Missing BizTalk Performance Counters

It's one of the common problems I have seen recently :  All of a sudden some of the BizTalk performance counters disappear from the list. Here are the

By Saravana Kumar

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