Feb 24

BizTalk Server Tip #22: Use Webgarden for IIS scalability

When IIS becomes a bottleneck you can use webgarden for IIS scalability, this will create multiple hosting processes in the server and IIS will manage the

By Ricardo Torre

Sep 5

Missing inetmgr (Internet Information Service (IIS) manager)

I experienced this issues this morning and a quick search shows lot of people faced the same issue. IIS manager is not installed by default on Windows 7/2008

By Saravana Kumar

Jun 23

AppFabric Service Bus : net:pipe needs to be specified error

I'm in the process of hosting my WCF services in IIS/Windows Server AppFabric, whenever I saved the web.config file I can see the following exception in the

By Saravana Kumar

Jun 15

Resolving Azure ServiceBus related errors in IIS 7.0 and 7.5

When you install the Windows Azure AppFabric SDK, it extends your machine configuration files with set of WCF custom extensions (behaviour, bindings,

By Saravana Kumar

Aug 26

Multiple Isolated Host (Host Instances) – Multiple Virtual directories – different adapters, what are the rules?

If your BizTalk solution is mainly relying on HTTP/SOAP adapter (we are still in BTS 2006 - no WCF yet), you'll soon see weird errors popping up due to BizTalk

By Saravana Kumar

Jul 8

ASP .NET 2.0 – IIS worker process terminating unexpectedly. Event ID: 1009 – The process exit code was ‘0xc0000005’

I'm in the process of migrating biztalk247.com to a new hosting provider. After deploying the application, I started doing the performance testing using Visual

By Saravana Kumar

Jan 8

Microsoft.BizTalk.Gac.Fusion, Access denied Exception and GAC is empty

  Once in a while you get the following error¬†while trying to compile/build the BizTalk project (With few more Access denied errors and some HRESULT

By Saravana Kumar

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