Jul 28

Moving to the cloud, uncontrolled cost and over budget disasters are waiting to happen

The cloud, in general, is absolutely brilliant. It’s amazing how quickly you can put together some complex, scalable, and reliable solutions within a short

By Saravana Kumar

Mar 15

How did a car purchase influence BizTalk360 pricing?

As an entrepreneur, you try to find inspiration and ideas from everywhere. Your mind is always open when you are watching a movie you admire the team effort

By Saravana Kumar

Jun 10

Way Of Saying Thank You To Our Customers. 10% Discount Until End Of July 2015

I started BizTalk360 4 years ago after getting frustrated by not having good tooling for BizTalk Server administration and monitoring. At that stage I was

By Saravana Kumar

Jun 27

Where is my BizTalk Server 2013 Developer Edition?

You can download the entire article as a PDF document. Where is my BizTalk Server 2013 Developer Edition. One of the question we normally hear in the

By Saravana Kumar

Mar 21

Understand BizTalk Server Licensing (2013 and above)

Please note this is not official licensing document, this is based on our understanding, we added a lot of examples and diagrams to make life easy for people

By Saravana Kumar

Jul 19

Azure pricing, make sure you know what you are doing – Lessons learnt

As you can see from the below picture, this is the bill we are going to pay for this month around £216.78 and we can see this growing by roughly £1.5 every

By Saravana Kumar

Mar 12

Enterprise Software Pricing Challenges – Should we increase the price for BizTalk360?

Software pricing is always tricky, it's all about how much someone is willing to pay for your product rather than what it cost to produce and support. Most of

By Saravana Kumar

Jun 23

Understand Azure AppFabric Service Bus Pricing

Note: This is not a definitive guide, this is just my understanding based on the research I've done and based on response I received from the Microsoft Azure

By Saravana Kumar

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