Jan 3

10 best features we released in 2018 – BizTalk360 Product Update

BizTalk360 team Wishes you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year! In 2018, we have released 3 major versions of BizTalk360 with various new capabilities,

By Mekala Ramesh
stop-alerts-maintenance during public holidays

Sep 13

Stop Alerts for Maintenance during Business Holidays

Introduction We are super excited to announce the availability of another interesting improvement in our upcoming version! BizTalk360 will allow you to setup

By Mekala Ramesh

Jul 3

Setup multiple Maintenance Windows in BizTalk360

Introduction BizTalk360 allows you to setup monitoring on many artifacts and also allows you to auto-correct artifacts which have hit an unexpected state.

By Rochelle Saldanha

Jun 19

BizTalk360 v8.8 Released

With BizTalk360, the one stop monitoring solution for BizTalk server, we always understand the empathy of the customers and improve the product accordingly, by

By Praveena Jayanarayanan
BizTalk360 v8.7

Mar 21

BizTalk360 v8.7 Released

We are excited to launch version 8.7 of BizTalk360 where we have added improvements to existing features and resolved quite a few number of outstanding support

By Rochelle Saldanha

Jan 3

15 best features we released in 2017 — BizTalk360 Product Update

In 2017, we released 4 major releases and 3 patch releases of BizTalk360 with various new capabilities, usability improvements and bug fixes. We wanted to

By Sriram Hariharan
ServiceNow Notification Channel in BizTalk360

Oct 6

You asked, we attended: ServiceNow Notification Channel Enhancement

Support service is one facet of business that is important to every business, regardless of industry, it is vital to delivering the best service possible to

By Mekala Ramesh
future plans for biztalk360 in microsoft integration space

May 9

What is going to be the future of BizTalk360?

About 10-12 years ago (around 2004-2005), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) was a big topic in the enterprise world. Massive projects were initiated to align

By Saravana Kumar
Monitoring IBM MQ - Blog Featured Image

Apr 24

Monitoring IBM MQ with BizTalk360

BizTalk360 currently has capabilities to monitor MSMQ and Azure Service Bus queues. From a number of customers who are using IBM MQ, we received many requests

By Raja Sreenivasan
biztalk360 upgrade

Jan 23

Prerequisites to upgrade to BizTalk360 v8.2

Planning your upgrade Because new features are introduced in each release of BizTalk360, you must understand these features and their associated upgrade

By Mohan Nagaraj

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