Oct 15

BizTalk360 version 7.0 – Story behind the creation

We are known for our constant releases every 4-5 months ones adding 3-4 core features and getting it to the customers as soon as possible. But BizTalk360

By Saravana Kumar

Oct 6

BizTalk360 and future of SilverLight

In the last few months I have heard this question at least dozen times from  existing customers and new prospects. I replied back to them via email and in

By Saravana Kumar

Feb 15

BizTalk360 – Silverlight Caching issue with Chrome

With our 3.2 release we restructured the navigation menu to make it bit more simpler. The LHS shows the old navigation and the RHS showing the new navigation

By Saravana Kumar

Jul 15

The Future of Middleware and the BizTalk Roadmap – Recap

This week was an incredible week for people who were involved in BizTalk Server. At the Microsoft World Partner Conference 2011 Tony Meleg (Microsoft)

By Saravana Kumar

Jun 17

Azure AppFabric Service bus, Silverlight Integration – End-to-End (walkthrough) – Part 2

Introduction In part 1 we setup the scene by creating a simple Silverlight/WCF application. In that application the Silverlight application is initialized,

By Saravana Kumar

Jun 16

Sorting out AppFabric Service bus, Silverlight and Clientaccesspolicy.xml issue -hidden gem in Azure AppFabric SDK CTP 2.0

By default Silverlight applications are allowed to access resources (services) only from the location from where they originated. From Silverlight 2.0 support

By Saravana Kumar

Mar 7

SilverLight-Prism – The IModuleCatalog is required and cannot be null in order to initialize the modules.

I guess most of my readers are from BizTalk/BPM background. So, some of these post may not be relevant to them. I'm just using the blog as reference archive

By Saravana Kumar

Feb 28

Steps for creating your UserControl from your derived class

When you start learning Silverlight or even to some extend on a medium size project, you'll be fine with deriving your user controls directly from

By Saravana Kumar

Feb 25

Why is my WCF RIA Service, Types or Properties not visible to Silverlight Client

Properties missing on the client side: For people coming from SOAP/WSDL services background will find it hard to grasp some of the concepts of WCF RIA

By Saravana Kumar

Feb 25

My Silverlight Adventure

My latest technology adventure area is Silverlight (3 and 4), WCF RIA Services, PRISM, MEF and Unity. We are using them internally to build a rich portal

By Saravana Kumar

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