Jul 19

BizTalk360 V2 Alert/Notification Capabilities Feedback

One of the top requested feature for BizTalk 360 is the ability to send alerts/notifications to the users in the event of failures. For V1 we focused on

By Saravana Kumar

Jul 1

Power of BizTalk360 (v2.0). Accessing our BizTalk environment running in UK from Amsterdam Schiphol airport

Recently we been blogging a lot about the new features that's coming in BizTalk360 V2.0, the main one is BizTalk360 and Azure AppFabric integration

By Saravana Kumar

Feb 19

"BizTalk Server 2004: Receieve Pipeline woes v2" by Charles Young, I guess description for "Seekable streams and MAPS" is incorrect.

Charles Young has written this article "Receive Pipeline Woes V2"  few months back. It's one of the very good articles out there, which explains some of the

By Saravana Kumar

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