We Are Proud to Donate $10,000 to Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity

|  Posted: December 30, 2015  |  Categories: Company Culture

BizTalk360 was released as a commercial product back in 2011 and since then at end of every year we donate to GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital charity) regularly. In 2012 we had given $1,625, in 2013 we raised this to $2,125 , in 2014 we donated $5,000 and this year we are increasing it to $10,000.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity

There is always a difference in opinion whether you should donate quietly or go public. We decided to go public, for a simple reason if this story can inspire one or two people to donate something to their preferred charity that’s a great win for us.

I strongly believe stinginess doesn’t scale, the way for sustainable growth is to give it away first.

As the company grows I feel we also have the responsibility to support and enrich the world around us, as much as we can in our capacity.

People at GOSH do a pioneering work in helping children with rare illness, supporting their families, R&D on some rare diseases,  funding modern equipment’s etc.  All we can do is donate some funds and let the people at GOSH do what they do best: helping sick children to get well, go home, and live the lives which otherwise would have been denied them.

We are proud to support GOSH.

Author: Saravana Kumar

Saravana Kumar is the Founder and CEO of BizTalk360 | Serverless360 | Atomic Scope | Document360. Founder of multiple B2B products that solve the pain point of enterprise customers. Entrepreneur, Investor, and Technical enthusiast. Passionate about running and scaling a company in a profitable way with calculated risks.

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